We started working out together with Emily Goren a few years ago. Her expertise, energy, ability to work around our personal needs, and positivity makes her the perfect trainer. Through the years, Emily has encouraged us to try new exercises and push our minds and bodies more than we ever thought possible.

When Coronavirus hit and we were quarantined, we felt ourselves starting to lose many of the benefits felt from our work with Emily. We tried different ways to exercise but nothing seemed to be the same. So when Emily brought up the idea of virtual training through Zoom, we jumped at the opportunity.

Flash forward, each week we look forward to the strong, flexible, result-oriented training with Emily. We not only appreciate the benefits we feel physically but really also welcome the positive improvement to our mental health during this difficult time.

We are now enjoying Emily’s virtual classes as well as our personal training sessions and can unequivocally say that it has totally made a difference in our overall health.

Thank you, Emily! You continue to give your all and more to us and all your lucky clients. Robynn and Judy

Robynn Segall & Judy Finifter

When I joined JCC fitness center I had 3 goals:
1. lose mid-abdominal weight
2. improve muscle definition
3. increase my cardio-vascular endurance.
The best decision I made was to hire a personal trainer, and I got a real bonus when I started training with Emily Goren. With Emily’s training only one hour a week, I’ve improved all three of my goals. Emily is more than just a trainer. Emily listens, teaches, and motivates. She is a perfectionist, particularly insisting on good form whether on the circuit, the treadmill, using free weights, or just doing push-ups. By being so attentive, she minimizes injury and maximizes benefit. Her sessions are never boring because they are never the same, which gives me lots of options to exercise during the week. Emily gives great advice on diet and I definitely have taken advantage of her personal recipes. Since training with Emily, I have never felt better. I am 66 years old and feel like 20 again. I suggest one hour sessions and get the 10-week plan because you save a lot of money. I can honestly say, the best decision I have made for my health has been to have Emily Goren as my personal trainer!!!
P.S. Be sure to have a sweat towel and lots of water! You’ll need it.
Ken Goodwich

Emily is the best personal trainer, ever. I had been working out for a year and asked her to help me improve my workouts and meet my goals. She did all this and more, exceeding my expectations. Positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive. She coached with a skilled blend of gentle challenges, upbeat attitude, corrections and adjustments where needed, all focused on my particular needs and abilities. With her help, my workouts have become more efficient and focused (and fun!). I am now committed to regular workouts. I also feel more confident that I can stretch my goals, while limiting the potential for injury.
Tassie Hanna Amster
Attorney, University Park, Maryland

I had been working out, on and off, on my own for the past 30 years, never reaching a consistent workout schedule. Since training with Emily once a week, my workouts are better than ever before. I work harder and get better results. And, I feel as good at 54 as I did at 34. Emily pushes me hard, but I always leave her sessions smiling.
Rick Naden
President & Chief Financial Officer
American Pool Enterprises, Inc.

I met Emily when I signed up for a fitness program at the JCC. I had not worked out seriously for over 20 years and was hesitant to begin a rigorous program. Emily showed her expertise over the 8-week period by introducing me to a variety of different techniques for each muscle group. The program was different every week, and she kept me engaged and interested over the 2 month period. Her work resulted in me looking forward to working out 3 times a week! Go figure!! I would recommend Emily Goren to anyone that is looking to make a lifestyle change, or get back into working out.
Glenn Lichtman